Comfort Grip for Nintendo New 3DS XL

Weight: 1.00 LBS
UPC (DG3DSXL-2260): 845620022601

• Gives your New 3DS XL armor
• Adds grip and comfort
• Cutouts for ports, sliders and camera
• Extra padding for protection against short drops and falls
• Soft silicone for durability and protection
• Translucent silicone for unique look
• Ergonomic design for maximum comfort
• Slips on and off with ease

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Game system, controllers, games and mobile devices not included.

Customer Reviews (6)

Perfect Fit

I own the dreamGEAR grip for my older model 3DS XL, so deciding to buy the model for the "New" 3DS was an easy decision. It may not be relevant to other users, but my package took one business day to arrive at my house (Victorville, CA). I thought the shipping was a tad expensive, but having the package at my door the next day was amazing. As for the product itself, it fits beautifully. With the older 3DS model there was an annoying gap where the stylus was, however with the "New" 3DS mold both sides of the grip are perfectly and symmetrically rounded adding uncompromising comfort. Further, the only part of the mold that 'gives' at all is the back of the bottom piece, which in no way hinders the performance of the product. I've waited very patiently for a protective case for my "New" Nintendo 3DS XL and this is by miles the perfect choice. Happy gaming Monster Hunters! Chad
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