4 in 1 Player’s Sports Kit for Wii

Weight: 1.05 LBS
UPC (DGWII-1165): 845620011650

The 4 in 1 Player’s Sports Kit puts you into the game like never before. Baseball, Tennis and Golf games on your Wii can now be played with the realistic feeling of swinging a bat, racket or club. With the easy to use twist-on design, you’ll be experiencing true wireless virtual game play within seconds. It also comes with a Racing Wheel that will give you an exciting racing experience.

• User friendly twist-on handle design
• 4 Game-enhancing wireless remote attachments

• 1 Baseball bat attachment
• 1 Tennis racket attachment
• 1 Golf club attachment
• 1 Remote cradle
• 1 Racing wheel

Download User Guide

Game system, controllers, games and mobile devices not included.