USB 3.0 Hub

SKU: DGUN-2598
Weight: 0.25 LBS
UPC: 845620025985

Works with Guitar Hero® Live, Rock Band® 4, and other USB devices.
The USB 3.0 hub provides you with easy and convenient access to 4 USB ports for your gaming console. At speeds up to 10X faster than conventional USB 2.0 hubs, this is the must have accessory for any gamer looking to take full advantage of a latency free gaming experience. Simply connect the hub to your gaming console using the included USB 3.0 cable and you are ready to go. The LED indicator on the hub lets you know that you are powered up and ready to charge and sync up to 4 USB devices. Also compatible with other gaming consoles.

USB 3.0 hub
Charge and sync up to 4 devices
Perfect for charging controllers, battery packs, and other USB powered devices
LED lets you know when the hub is powered on
Connects directly to your gaming console via the included USB 3.0 cable
Compatible with Xbox One®, PS4®, Xbox 360®, PS3®, Wii UTM, PC and laptops

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Game system, controllers, games and mobile devices not included.