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Weight: 0.15 LBS
UPC (DGUN-2859): 845620028597

Make your great music headphones, incredible gaming headsets!  Get the most from your high-end music headphones by adding the BoomChat detachable cable and boom mic. Now your crystal clear studio quality headphones can be transformed into an incredible gaming headset with the simple addition of the BoomChat cable and boom microphone. Don’t miss a sound in your games, or the opportunity to trash talk your opponents. Engineered for flexibility, the echo free BoomChat microphone can be perfectly positioned to maximize your voice, whether you are in the thick of battle or just making a hands-free call.

• Crystal clear, echo free, flexible boom microphone
• Works with headphones with detachable 3.5mm audio cables
• In-line volume control and mute switch
• Connect directly to compatible game controllers
• Hands-free calls, online gaming, and video chats
• Works with smartphones and tablets
• Approximately 4 foot cable with flexible boom mic

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Game system, controllers, games and mobile devices not included.